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For every case that sets a national precedent on the conservation, preservation and sustainability of our environment, there are a thousand special places that need enforcement of the precedent. However, we cannot act unless we are made aware of the new laws and the existing violations of those laws which require our attention. To that end, Wild Law is your online source for information on current and historical efforts to conserve, preserve and sustain our country’s critical natural resources on both the local and national levels.

We work tirelessly to bring you information on the most up-to-date efforts being made to push for effective governance of our nation’s natural wealth. We also revisit historical conservation victories and update our readers on the positive impact those changes have had on local communities and the affected wildlife.

We do this because we believe that knowledge is power, and it is the key to raising awareness of the dire situation we face. The more stable our climate is, the fewer natural resources we consume, the healthier our water supply is, and the less waste we generate, the longer we can live, thrive, and sustain life on our planet. Our well-being literally hangs in the balance.

That is why, at Wild Law, our mission is to defend the environmental integrity of human and natural communities through education. We all deserve a greener and healthier tomorrow. Through a joint effort between us all, we can make an impact on environmental laws and the beliefs of those involved.

When we work together to protect our natural environment, we effect positive change for ourselves today, and we ensure that our land and natural resources are sustained for generations to come. It is our responsibility as stewards of the Earth to shine a light on those who exploit our planet, whether intentionally or inadvertently. After all, the outcome is the same.

From the air we breathe to the water we drink and the land we live on, nearly every decision we make impacts our natural environment. We can choose to have a positive or a negative impact that will either shorten our time on the planet, or extend it. The choice is up to us.

12 thoughts on “About Wild Law

  1. I am interested in volunteering or interning for an environmental law company and I came across Wild Law. Does Wild Law offer any intern opportunities?

    • Hi Kaleigh,
      This site is not endorsed by an environmental law firm. We are people passionate about environmental law, however.
      Take care!

  2. PLEASE HELP I have had 2 companies dump over 15000 gals of old gasoline , automotive anti freeze , oil, and automotive battery acid dumped on my farm ! I have witnesses and pics… EPA is dragging there feet they are the ones that estimated 15000 gals or more…. if this haz. materials gets into the water table, it will affect thousands of local farmers and family’s, most of us are on wells.. please call me at 919-369-0026 oh ya we have soil samples too.

    • We are not a law firm – we are an educational blog that deals with environmental issues and laws. Please contact an environmental law firm near you regarding this issue. Wishing you all the best in this situation – please keep us updated!

  3. Someone should look into the Ouachita NF. Timber harvesting in a Wild and Scenic River Corridor, putting sentiment in major river altering the hydrodynamics which have altered the endanger Fat Muck Mussel habitat in the Ouachita River, altered the hydrodynamics in Fiddler Creek with the endanger Harperila plant by putting a bridge that was several thousand feet to short, certain Red-Cocked Woodpecker areas are not maintained and so on. A project going on a river that may alter the hydrodynamics again that already took out a bridge.

  4. Hi Ray,
    I’ve lost any phone number I had for you. I’m doing some preliminary work on a coal ash piece in advance of the 12-21-13 self-imposed EPA deadline to issue regulations. It probably will center on Uniontown (Home to Arrowhead Landfill)..or Demopolis (where ALAPOWCO is eliminating coal-fired electric production)…would you be up for an interview on the subject? My personal website is http://www.timlennox.com
    Tim Lennox
    Alabama News Network
    CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery

    • Hi Tim,

      Ray doesn’t run this website anymore. You may want to try reaching out to him directly in regards to this.

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  6. Hi my name is Nick Froonjian and I am the policy coordinator at Rethink Energy Florida, I was wondering who was in charge of this site and would your organization be interested in helping our lobby day, which we will help lobby for renewable energy bills such as banning fracking, third party provider, and nuclear cost recovery bills. Please shoot me an email and we can discuss it further.

    • Hi Nick, we only manage this site. I’d be more than happy to put the news out on the site. Would you like to create a post that we can put up regarding this event?

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