What Can You Do To Help Keep The Seas Trash Free?

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Oceans are what connect all living things on Earth, and they’re what keep us all alive. To say that oceans are important is an understatement – they’re vital to all beings and humankind. Because we’re all connected with the ocean, we have to understand how all of our choices on this planet affect it. Everyone’s actions have a huge impact on our oceans. One of the major struggles our planet’s oceans are experiencing currently is the overabundance of trash. So what can you do to help keep our seas clean?

1. Use Fewer Plastic Products

Ultimately, the debris that builds up in our oceans compromises the health of humans and wildlife, as well as all livelihoods that depend on a clean sea. Keep in mind that just throwing trash away doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. All garbage in the ocean is hazardous to marine life, but plastic is especially dangerous.

Alleviate the problem before it even arises by simply reducing the amount of plastic products you use and replacing them with reusable materials. Trade out your disposable bags, cups and food containers and replace them with ones you can reuse. If you have no option other than a disposable item, see if you can reuse it for a little while before getting rid of it altogether.

2. Help Take Care Of The Beach

If you live near the ocean and spend a lot of time on the beach, be mindful of what you bring with you. Always clean up after yourself, and if you see a piece of trash that isn’t yours, pick that up as well. Participate in local beach cleanups as much as possible, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Again, all water is connected, so even littering off of the beach means the trash could get swept away into a stream and carried into the ocean. Consider the idea that most trash will at some point make its way to the ocean. If you see something lying around, grab it!

3. Support Organizations & Influence Change

So you’re using fewer plastic products, you’re finding products that are reusable as opposed to disposable and you’re cleaning up litter on and off of the beach. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to take your actions a step further and support different organizations that promote beach cleanup and healthy oceans.

Research those running for office in your area to find out more about them and their ocean policies before you cast your vote. Be a positive influence in the lives of your friends and family when it comes to trash free seas. The more they’re reminded by you of the importance of a clean ocean, the more it will become a part of their daily lives as well.

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