Eco-Friendly Businesses to Take Advice From

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eco-friendly-officeRunning a business is not an easy task. With all the hard work and all there is to consider when running a business, it is easy to see why so many companies out there are far from eco-friendly. However, our environmental health is very important and must not be taken lightly. For many businesses, their lack of eco-friendly policies does not stem from a lack of concern for the environment. Many companies are simply unaware of the small steps they can take to make huge changes for the better. That is why it is so important to look at companies who have begun to move in a more environmentally friendly direction for guidance.

Ten Eco-Friendly Companies

Many major companies have begun to make strides to reduce their carbon footprints. By implementing more energy efficient practices and working with recycled materials, they are doing their part for the planet. These businesses include companies like Ikea, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, QMI Services, Philips Electronics, Earth Tec, Schott, Dell, Tupperware, and IBM to name a few. These are just ten companies who have made the decision to do business in a way that will keep our planet thriving. It is definitely a step in the right direction. However, there are still so many companies who are not taking the steps necessary to make a positive impact on our planet. For some, it is just a matter of not being educated on eco-friendly alternative ways of doing business.

Reducing Company Footprint

Businesses that have not yet gone green can look to any of these ten companies for ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Ikea and Johnson & Johnson have begun switching to solar power to provide their energy. Companies like Earth Tec and Nike use recycled materials in their products. Schott Glass Company began to limit the use of heavy metals by creating the world’s first glass-ceramic cooktop. Philips electronics is not only a green company, but also invests money into green research, so that other companies can become eco- friendly as well.

Small Companies, Big Difference

By following the lead of companies like the ones listed above any business (big or small) can make strides to help out our planet. Switching to solar energy can make a big difference for the environment, as well as on a company’s ROI. Instead of using new materials to manufacture products, recycled material can be put to use. Seventh Generation, method, Go Lite, New Belgium Brewing, Patagonia, West Paw Design, and Waste Zero are also considered some of the most environmentally conscious and note-worthy new companies..

Leading the way in environmentally friendly business practices, these companies have to be commended. They have set an example for companies all over the world by successfully running a business and still finding ways to stay green. There are many advantages from a business standpoint in going green. Increased ROI and loyal customer base are 2 notable ones. For established businesses, starting out with a few small changes can cause a chain reaction and make a huge difference in the long run.

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Nik Donovic believes that what may be good for business today may negatively impact the environment tomorrow. He believes it's time to stop being selfish with the environment and start being sustainable.

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