Global Warming Vs. Donald Trump

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Many are now asking themselves whether the phenomenon of global warming really exists and is happening, or whether it is an elaborate lie propagated by the world-wide media. You will hear many people with very differing opinions on the topic. Some strongly support the theory of global warming, while others think it is just a silly presumption. However, let’s see what the actual facts state, for those willing to listen.

What Trump Believes

The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has gone as far as to say that global warming was a hoax invented by the Chinese to undermine the US economy! In recent statements, he has also stated that he believes that weather exists, and also weather changes exist, but within the realms of normalcy. With his statements he directly contradicts scientifically analyzed weather behaviors and the published works of thousands of experts in this area. He also focuses on one fact: in the 1920’s, a reporter thought the Earth was cooling, (although that reporter has later corrected his statements). Regardless, for Donald Trump this all seems to be big nonsense.

The facts are clear

First on the long list of facts about global warming is the rise of the sea level. The rise in sea levels happens because of two reasons. One is because of the melting process of glaciers and ice sheets. This releases more water into our oceans. The second reason sea levels rise is because of the temperature of the water. Warmer water expands and has nowhere to go but up. Globally, it is estimated that they have risen about 8 inches; this threatens many coastal communities and their infrastructure. A fact that goes hand in hand with this is the size of existing glaciers. Those in Greenland and Antarctica have reduced significantly. In studies by NASA, Greenland lost more than 30 cubic miles of ice in the first six years of this century. Another proven fact is the acidity level in oceans worldwide. Harmful gasses emitted in the atmosphere by people get absorbed into the oceans, increasing the level of acidity. This situation largely affects the ecosystem. The change in acidity provides a beneficial environment for algae, which proves to be detrimental for fish and the ecosystem. These facts, along with many other published facts, prove that the problem is very real indeed.

Something must be done

Mother Nature has suffered more natural trauma in the last 50 years, than in the previous 5,000 years. People exploit all of the resources, and in the process destroying the ones most important for our survival. All of us need to open our eyes and look the truth in the face; this is necessary for our survival as a species. It’s still not too late, ice glaciers still exist and the sea level is controllable. However, with our tempo of polluting, the velocity of detrimental changes is rapidly increasing, and soon we may reach the point of no return. Talking to people about it and educating them, while becoming an example of a true environmentalist, can help prevent future damage and the continuation of an eco-friendly humanity.

What are you doing to help the environment?

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