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With new developments and skyscrapers springing up everywhere in major cities, open spaces where you can take your dog for a good walk are slowly disappearing with each passing moment. The few options left, if you’re in an urban community, are dog parks, your apartment, and the sidewalk. So what are a few fun things you can do with your dog when the city park is closed or has been recently converted into yet another mall?

Below is a list of ways you can have fun with your dog in the city. Most of these are outdoor activities and this is important because every dog needs some outdoor time.


This is a new way to play with your pet; the game consists of “herding” a number of large inflatable balls into a soccer-like net. It is a very competitive sport for dogs of all sizes and ages, and it promotes team work and a healthy mix of communication between the handler and the dog. Treilball, which was founded in Germany by January Nijboer, has become fundamental in the dog training world. This game has many health benefits for the dog amongst which include getting the dogs engaged while they are off the leash.

Dog running

A way to step up the typical dog walking and petting is dog running. This helps both handlers and the dog maintain an exercise routine. Such programs are great for helping your dog get into shape both mentally and physically. This activity is a good way to help your dog and address behavioral issues; it will also serve to promote better weight, manage boredom and relieve stress and anxiety while toning the muscles of the dog.

Urban Dog Parks

Dog parks are a favorite and are great places to take your dog. They can interact and socialize with other dogs while you can also meet other pet owners. Your dog will have a wonderful time running around and socializing with other dogs. But as with every system, there is a hierarchy and the stronger dogs might bully the weaker ones, this might be a great way to assess your dog as he relates with other dogs. It will also give you more insight on your dog’s domestic tendencies.

It is important to note that there might be some disadvantages to taking your dog to dog parks. The major one is exposing your dog to bullying or other aggressive behavior. If you notice that your dog is constantly bullied or subject to aggressive behavior from other dogs, you might want to consider taking your pet to another dog park or skip the dog park altogether. If a major dog fight does break out be sure to approach the situation very carefully as it could be potentially dangerous and lead to a severe personal injury.

Another item you should assess is the health status of the other dogs and if they are playing closely with your dog. You will want to find out from the owners when they were last vaccinated and other relevant health related information. This is because with so many dogs playing closely together, there have been cases where dogs were badly bitten, injured or contracted worms from other dogs at the dog park.

Are there other tips or ideas that we missed? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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